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iDEAListic gives your repeat customers extra deals on top of your own in order to ensure that they shop with you time after time.

Why should you try iDEAListic?

  • We will increase customer retention by at least 5% resulting in a 25% – 95% increase in profits.
  • No costs incurred by you without proven results. (So why not let us give your repeat customers extra discounts for free??)

Why is iDEAListic important?

  • Repeat customers spend more and generate larger transactions.
    • For instance, in apparel, a shopper’s fifth purchase was 40% larger than the first, and the tenth purchase was nearly 80% larger than the first.
  • Repeat customers refer more people and bring in more business.
    • On average, an apparel shopper referred three people each to an online retailer’s site after their first purchase there. After ten purchases, that same shopper had referred seven people to the site.
  • Repeat customers are more likely to consider purchasing other products leading to more cross-selling opportunities.

While you focus on great customer service, we’ll focus on building a loyal customer base that keep coming back. If you are still not convinced, let us give you a free demo that will make you think otherwise.

Online Shoppers

iDEAListic gives you awesome deals at stores you love and shop at the most. For free. If that doesn’t excite you, we’re not sure what will.

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