About Us

At iDEAListic, we hustle and grind every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in eCommerce. Customer retention and loyalty. This is the most profitable part of the business that many online stores either do not focus on or do not have the capital to fund. Owners are too busy spending their efforts on acquiring new customers and providing excellent customer service. Shoppers have unlimited options at their disposal, but want to be rewarded for their loyalty while getting the best deals possible.

Throughout the history of eCommerce, shoppers tend to look for deals which affects their purchasing behavior. Our mission at iDEAListic is to create a platform that bridges the gap between online retailers and shoppers through personalized, real-time deals and promotions. Our unique and innovative solution helps retailers increase their retention rates and build a more loyal customer base. It lets shoppers make purchases at their favorite stores and receive deals that keep on giving.